About us

Welcome dear ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you to my site. I am a private repairman, all my life I have been repairing and decorating apartments, houses and other residential and non-residential premises, and I am also glad to offer you a turnkey bathroom renovation service, i.e. a competent, comprehensive renovation of a bathroom and a bathroom ( toilet) with a complete replacement of all communications, water supply and sewerage, ventilation and power supply systems, if necessary, with the complete dismantling of the entire sanitary cabin.

If you have come to my site, it means that you have a repairman who needs to renovate an apartment or overhaul a bathroom. In fact, the purpose of your search comes down to one thing, to find an intelligent master who would competently and efficiently bring to life what you have been planning for a long time and finally decided to do. And also, for sure, I want a good master, along with experience and professionalism, to have a certain share of creative imagination and worldly ingenuity. But to find a master who would have all these qualities at once, not quite easy.

Turning to the repair and construction organization, you call and talk with the dispatcher, who only understands the intricacies of the repair in general terms, then the foreman-measurer arrives, his job is to measure the object and wind up the estimate as much as possible, and only then the performers come to you, and here Then all sorts of surprises begin. Repairing an apartment is, one might say, an intimate matter, because you let an outsider into your house, or even a group of people, and the choice of a contractor often turns into a lottery, because you can only check the qualifications of the masters on your own experience.

Therefore, here, on the main page, I would like to immediately convey to you that by contacting me, you avoid any kind of surprises, call, talk and meet directly with the master, a true professional who will carry out bathroom repairs or apartment renovations without intermediaries and you decide whether to entrust the comfort of your home to this person.

More than 25 years of experience gives me the right to guarantee impeccable quality for any of my work, whether it's renovating an apartment in a new building, finishing a bathroom in Khrushchev, or maybe you just decided to redecorate a room or re-paste the wallpaper in the corridor, we will take on any , even a small job.